Our next online show will take place from 13th -14th July 2024.

When the show opens, click on the door to enter!


Creating the opportunity to
purchase from our trusted vendors!

All the fantastic artists, businesses and vendors listed here physically attend the doll shows, stand by their work and have signed up to our new online terms and conditions to offer you genuine show goods, and to offer the very best in customer service!

The Doll Show Online will run over a 2 day period, from 10.00am on the Saturday, through to 9am on the following Monday (UK time).

How it works!

At 10am on the Saturday of the show weekend, the show will open online and you will be able to see a list of our vendors virtual stands. If you click on the vendor you are interested in you will be taken to their stand and see what goods they have for sale.

On each vendors stand you will be able to virtually meet your vendor, with a picture and a short bio, and you will be able to view the items they have for sale. We will update the sales pages on a regular basis, to keep availability as current as we can.

We will have an active Facebook group in which you can chat, share links, and socialise for the duration of the show! Click here to visit our Facebook Group The Doll Show

Cathy Read, Founder & Event Organiser/Co-ordinator.

Contact Us

To get in touch please call/message us on phone or whatsapp: 07725 562416,
email: cathy@discoverdolls.co.uk or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can: