Thank you for your interest in booking a stand at the The Doll Show Online.

Please read through the terms and conditions before booking your stand. By booking a table via this page it will be assumed that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions, including our code of customer service.

Please read the information, and then book using the links below.There are two levels of virtual table, standard and premium.

Standard table:

  • Cost, £60
  • Single page
  • Artist bio and photo
  • 8 products included, more can be added for £5 per product/category
  • One image per item for sale
  • Short item description

Premium table:

  • Cost £100
  • Standard intro page, as the standard table above
  • Artist bio and 8 products included more can be added for £8 per product
  • Image and link click through for more details on each product
  • Product page with detailed description and up to 6 additional images or varieties per item

Clearance table:

  • Only available with the purchase of a standard or premium vendor table
    Additional £5 cost plus £1 listing fee per product up to 32 products.
  • Products need to be uploaded by you using our simple online form. We will then check them, and allocate them to your stand. Once submitted you can no longer edit your listings, but we might be able to perform small edits upon request.

Exhibitors will be given a unique vendor number, but location within the show may vary from show to show depending on the format and vendor quantity

New vendor numbers will be added to the list in the order in which they book their table via our website.

All main stand products must be added before the show begins, we will not add products, or change wordings, descriptions or images during the course of the show. Products will be marked as SOLD as they sell but will not be removed from the site.
On the clearance section you may add additional items throughout the show and these will be uploaded where possible.

When your products are uploaded and your “table” is finished, you will be asked to check ALL your links, all your images and all your wording. You will then give me a single list of changes, after these are actioned your table will be signed off and ready to go.
It is your responsibility to check your email is working, and that it is set up correctly.
We can take no responsibility for the strength or speed of your internet, or the set up of your email. We recommend regularly checking spam.

How will the show work?

  • The show is currently set up at the domain www.thedollshowonline.com and access to the actual shows is restricted according to your user level.
  • In the password protected area, all the stands will be set up behind the scenes as the vendors book them and send details of products.
  • On the morning of the show the VIP ticket holders will be automatically be granted access to the stands 2 hours before it opens.
  • At 10am on the morning of  the show, the site will remain open to the public until 9am on the following Monday.
  • For the duration of the show the site will be open to all, visitors and buyers will not have to pay to access the site.
  • Customers will contact you with enquiries via email, and it will be up to you to respond to and negotiate with your customers as you would at the doll shows.

You will NEED to read the terms and conditions on our website regarding refunds, returns and customer service. These terms and conditions are not me being fussy, they are legal requirements.

The Doll Show customers can buy your items from anywhere on the internet, they will be buying from The Doll Show as you are all trusted vendors, who will offer the expected level of quality and service