Online Show Floor

Welcome to the virtual CHRISTMAS Doll Show!

Welcome to the the doll show online! Now you have found your way to the show floor, you will find all our vendors organised by hall, so you can easily find what you are looking for!
To browse through all the vendors we have recently added the all vendors hall, so you don’t miss a thing!

To purchase from a vendor you can send them an email through the email link, or if email is not linked on your device we have contact forms on each page and each product which will generate an enquiry to your vendor.
We also have an integrated messenger system on the site, which is available to those who have registered on the site and are logged in!

When the vendor receives your enquiry they will get back to you, in order that messages are received. Please be patient with your vendor, often they have multiple messages to go through, and occasionally they will need to step away from the computer, as we are open for the whole weekend!

Thank you so much for visiting, and please enjoy the show! x