Tickets for our online virtual party events!

Amazing new VIRTUAL parties!

Following the huge success of our online afternoon tea and baby shower events, we are really excited to bring you yet another baby shower, as well as a virtual Christmas party!

The baby shower will run on the afternoon of the Sunday of November Doll Show (Sunday 22nd) and once again you will receive your baby shower pack of a personalised mug, a matching bib for your baby, and your baby shower gifts! We will have an afternoon of fun and games and prizes, and as usual will be making new online friends and getting to know each other!

The virtual Christmas party will come in the form of a “party in a box” You will receive your box in the post to be opened on the morning of Sunday 13th. There will be a letter in the top of the box which will tell you what to do with the contents of the box. and when you will need all the items!

This is a whole new concept, and will take some planning, so I am going to be limiting it to 70 guests for this first time! Once the boxes (tickets) have sold out we will not be adding any more.

If you want one but need more time to pay, please let us know and we can work out setting one aside.